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2010 Peace Day Global Broadcast, September 17 - 21 Celebrate the International Day of Peace with the World Community
Featuring Sustainable Solutions, Entertainment, Music, Festivals, Celebrities, Films, Awards, & Peace Building Partners. 
Check out our participating Leaders, Musical Appearances, Participating Organizations, and Featured Goals.


Now playing is the 2010 Preview Show. Launched on June 13th as part of the 100 Day Countdown to Peace Day, the preview showcases sustainable solutions for achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), music, work of peace partners, and the "What's Your Peace" Campaign.

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This project was founded by Dr. Michael U. Dolgoruky, Chairman & Founder of Ring SMS España S.L. info and UBIEE Corporation S.L. info His main motivation is the FUTURO-Plan info and a Cleaner Environment for YOURS & his Children, and for the future generations of children that come to our Planet Earth.

This program is software plug-in for Skype.  As you probably know, Skype is an instant messaging program that allows people to communicate with one another by typing or talking, computer to computer, at no cost.  Skype is pretty much based on one contact at a time.  The software program I am introducing takes Skype's fantastic ability to a whole new level and allows us to contact thousands of people at a time. In addition, you can text messages to hundreds or thousands of cell phone users with just the click of a button.

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